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Stormy Skies


In Florida, we govern by sunshine laws that help provide clarity to public affairs.

Political committees cast a long shadow over our forthright culture; one that’s creeping influence has reached the county and municipal stages. Inadequate legislation has decriminalized money laundering. The Allied defend our hometowns against this abstract influence. We cannot let this dark spot in our election process stain the integrity of our proud tradition of transparency. 


The purpose of this Alliance is to enact statewide change prohibiting political committee-to-committee contributions. The Allied approach this issue free of partisan context. We welcome all who value transparent transactions in local elections above unrestrained, untraceable influence in our county and city politics.

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Passage of meaningful legislation that reforms endless committee-to-committee contributions is the mission of our cause.

Our mission need not be complex nor our creed long in length.

“I believe in the mission of the Alliance. There are limits as to what I can do as a individual, but I strive to empower myself for the betterment of others through the statement of purpose.

The Allied can achieve together what I alone cannot. 

I can make a difference. We are the last line. The Allied will prevail."



Dr. Robert Winsler is the Managing Fellow of the West Central Alliance. A Florida native, he has over a decade experience in many aspects of public affairs including state government agency work, issue-based advocacy field organization, and candidate campaign management. 

He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Florida and currently is a visiting asst. professor of advertising and public relations at the University of Tampa. In 2017, he started Winsler Consulting, a public affairs business, based in Citrus County.  

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