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Dec. 14,2020


Check out this video recording of the introductory Talking Contradiction. This uses graphics to help explain the mission the Allied hope to achieve.

The West Central Alliance is a newly formed networking coalition of individuals who want to fight against the creeping influence of dark money in Florida county or city elections. Simply put its members, called The Allied, are campaign finance integrity activists on the local level. Depending on the feasibility, the Alliance will offer quarterly meetings, with one designated as an annual convention, and hold guest speakers and roundtable discussions throughout the year.

Its mission is to help pass previously proposed legislation that prohibits committee-to-committee contributions, a process that hides original donors and creates dark money. Currently, the process looks something like this. Generically named committees give to other generically named committees to cloud a transparent trail. To use a hypothetical example, it’s public record that a utility conglomerate contributes to Protect Florida’s Future, but then Protect Florida’s Future gives money to Keep Florida Safe that gives to the Committee for a Better Florida, that gives to Floridians for the Upholding of Justice and then this committee runs negative ads in Martin County and no one knows who is behind it or why. Bills such as Senate Bill 224 proposed in 2019, would make the system look like this. Committees are still allowed to engage in electioneering communication but they are no longer allowed to contribute to other committees to hide the source of their donors.

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